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Assessments for dyscalculia

EduCalc Learning is currently developing online K-12 math courses designed for students with dyscalculia. We also are in production of a line of standards-based assessments for any classroom, with reduced text, graphics, and fewer distractions on a page. These resources support ESOL/ELL students as well. Our teaching method and curriculum design works well for students with dyslexia, high-functioning Autism, processing disorders, dysgraphia, and ADHD/ADD. Click here to find out more.


Teacher Resources

EduCalc training is offered online and in person. EduCalc's courses explain the how, why, and where of dyscalculia, anxiety disorders, and other issues that stop students from mastering math. Then, we show teachers how you can help. 100% of participants would recommend EduCalc courses to a colleague. Join them-- get your EduCalc Learning training today!

EduCalc Learning is the official trainer for the Harvey Academy in Tequesta, Florida and offers regular training for FDLRS Heartland. Our founder, Honora Wall, presents frequently for the Association of Teacher Educators conferences and is available for speaking engagements.

Information and Research

Dyscalculia has been in research journals since the 1930's. Why then do so few educators and parents know about this important Specific Learning Disorder? Researchers, join EduCalc Learning in studying the many issues that act as barriers to math success.


The published research on dyscalculia amounts to 10% of the research done on dyslexia (dysgraphia, Non-Verbal Learning Disorders, and processing speed issues have even less!). Click here to find our compilation of the leading research about dyscalculia.