Math people

"I'm just not a math person".

At PolyMath, we know that this just isn't true. Maybe you weren't taught math in a way that made sense to you. Maybe you weren't tested in a way that matched your brain's strengths and weaknesses. Maybe you were pushed through, moved along, or left behind. Regardless of what happened during your formative years, you are most definitely a math person! We all are.

The human brain loves math. We naturally count, classify, seek patterns, and establish procedures throughout our lives. We all problem solve, from the first day out of the womb. The struggle happens when our naturally math-inclined brains run up against the K-12 education system! At PolyMath Education Services, we research the reasons why people struggle with math. We focus on dyscalculia, and we look at the overlap between this specific learning disorder and math anxiety, test anxiety, dyslexia, dysgraphia, and the particular issues that impede learning for students growing up in poverty or experiencing trauma. Then, we create materials, training programs, and teaching methods for individual learners.

Basically, we translate math based on student needs.

Have questions? Contact us. PolyMath Education Services can help.

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