Ah-ha! Games for the Brain uses a blend of tactile, verbal, auditory, visual, and socially interactive experiences to engage numerous centers in the brain. Each game is presented in three formats: Beginner Players, Novice Players, and Advanced Players. The games and projects in Ah-ha! Games for the Brain were chosen for their focus on cognition. These games improve memory, increase processing speed, and strengthen executive function by engaging specific areas of the brain in a combination of ways. The games are evidence based and real-world tested. I use them with K-6 students diagnosed with Autism, dyscalculia, dyslexia, and other learning issues. In the book, I explain some of the things I've seen with my students when we play each game, and how the games can be used in different settings to gather information about how much topic-specific knowledge each student has. The theoretical basis for the games comes from Vygotsky's theory of the More Knowledgeable Other, the use of integrated sensory input to strengthen knowledge when neurological connections are weak in one area, research into the ways we develop both numeracy and internal motivation, and the idea that creating a situation that requires executive function and focus can help develop skills in these areas (rather than saying to a child, "you need to focus", give them a reason to focus in order to meet a desired goal).

Ah-Ha! Games for the Brain

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