PolyMath Assessments are written for students with dyscalculia, high-functioning Autism, processing disorders, dyslexia, dysgraphia, or severe ADHD/ADD. With their reduced text and graphics and fewer distractions on a page, they are also a great resource for ESOL/ELL students. Each assessment includes built-in accommodations and your state standard printed on the page! Perfect for maintaining a home school portfolio, as well. 

PolyMath Assessments: Kindergarten

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  • PolyMath Assessments allow students to demonstrate knowledge without the extra graphics, extra problems, or extra topics found in other assessments. They use appropriate accommodations that include more white space on the page, fewer problems written on a single page (in this case, an assessment may be spread over two or three pages), an included number line or word bank, or graphics that support the problem. These are not modifications; they do not make the work any easier. They simply provide the research-proven design components that help students focus.