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K-12 and Adult
Math Courses

FINALLY-- online math courses designed specifically for people with the math learning disability, dyscalculia! (They work great for any struggling student or adult. No diagnosed disability required.)

EduCalc Learning is proud to announce our line of online math courses, designed for people with dyscalculia, low numeracy, other Specific Learning Disorders (like dyslexia or dysgraphia), or anxiety or depressive disorders.

What makes these math courses different from other programs?

Accommodations are built in to the course. We train students how and when to use tools like multiplication lists, calculators, and other resources to support them as they learn math.

  • No DBA's (discussion-based assessments)

  • No due dates (no kidding! When we say work at your own pace, we mean it.)

  • No long exams covering multiple topics (assessments are short, tied directly to instruction, and frequent)

  • Mix of text and video instruction

What courses are available?

Personal Financial Literacy: Available now

Algebra 2: Available now

5th Grade: Available now

3rd Grade: Coming soon!

Contact us to ask about other grade levels.

Who made the courses, and who does the instruction?

Dr. Wall is the author and lead instructor for the courses. She has an Ed.D. in Curriculum & Instruction from Concordia University Chicago, an M.Ed. in Applied Learning & Instruction from the University of Central Florida, 18+ years as a successful math teacher, and 7 years as a dyscalculia specialist.

Are the courses aligned to Common Core?

Common core is a set of guidelines that offer recommended math topics by grade level. EduCalc Learning courses follow these guidelines while meeting the needs of struggling students. This means we teach math in the best way for neurodiverse people to master math. Our methods are based on peer-reviewed research studies and our personal experience teaching hundreds of struggling students.

Who should take these courses?

Our courses are perfect for...

  • Students with learning disabilities, especially dyscalculia;

  • Homeschool families who appreciate flexibility;

  • Students with anxiety or depressive disorders;

  • Adults who want to learn math.

How much do the courses cost?

$299 for a full year course, with fully online instruction, assessments, and gradebooks. An optional printed workbook of assessments for each course will be available soon.


Register by clicking the "Available now" links above.

Have more questions? Contact us today

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