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The Story of Me: Created for students with learning differences

An advisory curriculum designed for students with learning disabilities? Yes, please!


The Story of Me Advisory Curriculum contains everything you need: conflict resolution, team-building activities, and financial literacy-- plus everything your students need: self advocacy, open-ended dialogue, long and short term planning for executive function, games where everyone can win, and much more.


The Story of Me advisory workbook has 180 days of discussions and activities. Each week begins with planning to strengthen executive function skills and self-advocacy tips to empower students. Pages have increased white space to reduce distractions and help visual-spatial processing. The Story of Me is perfect for schools, teen groups, and homeschool families. 

Middle and High School workbooks are available. Order directly through EduCalc Learning and receive a free Teacher's Edition and shipping on us! Order today your  Dyscalculia training

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