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K-12 and Adult
Math Courses

FINALLY-- online math courses designed specifically for dyscalculia!

Neurodivergence is not an afterthought, it's built into the framework. 

  • For brick-and-mortar schools: Schools in Florida, Iowa, and Massachusetts use our classes to support students without straining staff. Your students can take our math class on their own, or supervised by your teachers or interventionists. Contact us for details or a syllabus.

  • For homeschool families: Math without tears or arguments? Instruction that makes sense? A grade book that works for your portfolio? Yes! It's all included in our classes.

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Coming soon: Geometry, Chemistry, Pre-Algebra, and 7th grade.

 Contact us today for more information.

  • Our courses are self-paced. This means there are no deadlines or due dates, which we find works best for neurodivergent students (ADHD, autism, dyscalculia, dyslexia, and dysgraphia), as well as students with anxiety or depressive disorders. It's also helpful for homeschool students as they can plan vacations, sick days, fun days, or anything else without checking in with us or falling behind.

  • They include all math standards for the grade level. We follow Common Core guidelines for the standards and topics, but do not use "common core" materials.

  • They are designed for dyscalculia. This means the instruction is clear, direct, and tied to the assessments. There are no surprises. Students are taught how to use tools like multiplication sheets or calculators while working, and we discuss how to study, how to become comfortable with math, and how to advocate for themselves in future math classes.

  • Our most common feedback is that students ask for more work! We know, we couldn't believe it either! Parents tell us their children "just do math without complaining, for the first time"; report that "they enjoy the class and 'get it'"; and that their children say they "believe they can do it" on their own. These quotes are from parents of current students.

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