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  • What is the Teacher's Dyscalculia Toolbox?
    The Teacher's Dyscalculia Toolbox is full of activities and materials proven to help struggling students. Your Toolbox includes books for you, laminated materials for your students, activities, and instructions. Plus, an invitation to join our private Facebook group for more tips and resource videos. Boost math mastery for students with dyscalculia, low numeracy, or poor math foundations with your Dyscalculia Toolbox today!
  • What is included in the Teacher's Dyscalculia Toolbox?
    A copy of Ah-Ha! Games for the Brain; A copy of Teaching Students with Dyscalculia; 20+ laminated sheets for multiplication, place value, adding, subtracting, fractions, and decimals; Dice, deck of cards, and money; A handbook for using these tools to support students with dyscalculia; Your code to join our private Facebook group for ongoing support.
  • What does the Toolbox address?
    Dyscalculia is a Specific Learning Disorder that impacts math. People with dyscalculia need support the same way some people need to wear glasses or use a wheelchair; these are external tools that allow them to reach their full potential without a learning difference getting in their way. The Teacher's Dyscalculia Toolbox includes these tools for K-5th grade students, plus instructions for teachers and parents to support their students. Everything in the Toolbox also supports students with low numeracy, weak math foundations, other neurodiverse conditions like ADHD or Autism, anxiety and depressive disorders... the list goes on and on! You can support all of your struggling students with the Teacher's Dyscalculia Toolbox.
  • Pricing and Packages:
    Purchase the Teacher's Dyscalculia Toolbox for $165, including shipping! Choose from a: One-time payment of $150 3 payments of $55 each
  • What makes the Teacher's Dyscalculia Toolbox different?
    The Teacher's Dyscalculia Toolbox was created specifically for dyscalculia, going right to the heart of this SLD: forgetting math information over time. Students with dyscalculia need explicit instruction, support tools for all assignments, and extra scaffolding. The Toolbox saves you time and money by delivering exactly what your students need. Also, you're going to get the best research-based information about dyscalculia through our books and instructional support.
  • How do these items help?
    Every part of the Teacher's Dyscalculia Toolbox came from a blend of scientific, peer-reviewed research and in-the-field experience with struggling students. Dr. Wall has helped thousands of students and teachers succeed in learning and teaching math-- join us! The Toolbox gets to the heart of dyscalculia by building a bridge between deficiencies and strengths. Students improve quickly and learn methods to support their own learning for years to come.
  • Does the Teacher's Dyscalculia Toolbox work with any struggling student?
    YES! Students with low numeracy, poor math foundations, and other barriers to math success will benefit from the Toolbox. How can one box do so much? The Teacher's Dyscalculia Toolbox supports coding and numeracy, lowers anxiety, and improves confidence. Students who have dyscalculia will need support tools all the time. Students who do not have a math learning disability will naturally move away from needing extra support as they improve their skills.
  • Can parents use the Teacher's Dyscalculia Toolbox?
    Yes! The Teacher's Dyscalculia Toolbox is perfect for non-math people. No education degree, teaching experience, or math skills are needed. No matter how you feel about math, you can use the Teacher's Dyscalculia Toolbox to help your students (and you!) perform math with mastery.
  • How is the Teacher's Dyscalculia Toolbox different from other programs?
    Dyscalculia causes people to lose the math information they've already learned. That's why the Dyscalculia Teacher's Toolbox doesn't waste time pushing memorization. Instead, we use support tools that let students check their answers as they work. When students immediately confirm that they have the right answer, their brain strengthens neural connections for correct answers while discarding neural connections for wrong answers. It's a game changer for struggling students!
  • What if I have more questions?
    Please email for any other questions about the Teacher's Dyscalculia Toolbox. After you get the Toolbox, you'll have access to our private Facebook group for ongoing support. You can find videos, tips, ideas, and ask questions in our private online community.

Dyscalculia is an unknown disability among educators, yet millions of school age children suffer from this Specific Learning Disorder. It's important to know the facts about dyscalculia. What do leading researchers say about dyscalculia? What are the signs of dyscalculia? What kind of research has been done on this learning disability? If you have more questions, contact us today. We're here to help.

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