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  • Honora Wall

Dyscalculia: It's not number dyslexia!

Dyscalculia is the math learning disability; it is not the same as dyslexia, the reading learning disorder. Some people call dyscalculia "number dyslexia", but that's not accurate. We understand, dyslexia is more well known and can give people a frame of reference, and that's where this term comes from. However, it's important to call things what they are so we can support people with dyscalculia.

While all SLD's (Specific Learning Disorders) are a type of neurodiversity, the are not the same. Dyscalculia (math), dyslexia (reading), dysgraphia (writing), and dyspraxia (movement or physicality), ADHD, autism, and executive function disorders are all part of the neurodiverse family. They can overlap, but they also have important differences and different accommodations. Learn more in our podcast: What in the World is Dyscalculia?

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