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  • Honora Wall

Dyscalculia Teacher: Ebeneezer or Fezziwig?

Are you an Ebeneezer teacher, or a Fezziwig teacher? Ebeneezer Scrooge is a character known for his cold heart. When faced with a choice, he consistently picks the one that is most cruel or restrictive to others. Ebeneezer has a change of heart when he is forced to reflect on his past choices and recognize where they have led him.

He reflects on Fezziwig, an old boss of Scrooge, who made every choice he could from a place of giving a little more to others. These small extensions added up to a lifetime of good cheer, goodwill, and devotion. Are you an Ebeneezer teacher, or a Fezziwig? Do you give accommodations to students with dyscalculia only when required by an IEP or 504 plan, or do you offer assistance anytime students are struggling? Learn more about your options in this podcast episode:

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