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New Year, New Connections

Con·nec·tion (/kəˈnekSH(ə)n/): a relationship in which a person, thing, or idea is linked or associated with something else.

I like to have a Word of the Year: a theme that I can return to and reflect on. In 2021, that word was elevate, and I saw this concept play out in many areas of my personal and professional life. It was grounding to think of my experiences in terms of an elevation, an increase, an advancement; my theme word also helped guide my decision making throughout the year. I could examine choices to see if they would, in fact, be an elevation. As 2021 fades away, I can let elevate go and move into the new year with a new theme.

Connection is my 2022 Word of the Year. As we enter a new year and, hopefully, a close-to-the-end stage of the pandemic, I am ready to make new and stronger connections. Connection with family and friends. Connection with my community. Connection with new students, schools, and colleagues.

Connection with you. Each month, I’ll post at least one article connecting ideas, people, and things as they relate to dyscalculia and other barriers to learning. Dyscalculia is connected to math, to visual-spatial skills, to other SLDs, to self-esteem, to careers, and more. But a connection goes two ways: I’d like to know your thoughts, questions, and concerns. Which connections do you want to explore? Let me know at and come back here for answers.

Let’s connect. Happy New Year!

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