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Students with 83% math proficiency? Easy.

The Harvey Academy in Tequesta, Florida has reason to celebrate: their 4th and 8th grade students outperformed national math and reading proficiency scores despite the recent pandemic. The Harvey Academy is a private school accepting students, 3rd-12th grades, with Specific Learning Disorders (dyslexia, dyscalculia, dysgraphia), ADHD, anxiety, and other learning challenges.

Harvey Academy students take the Iowa Test of Basic Skills each spring. 2022 test results showed that 83% of Harvey Academy 8th graders were proficient (or better) in math. 100% of 9th graders and 67% of 10th graders also scored proficient or better in 2022. Similar results were found in 2021.

EduCalc Learning's founder, Dr. Honora Wall, teaches high school math to students with dyscalculia at Harvey Academy, and writes student IEPs for the school. All Harvey teachers have the opportunity to take EduCalc Learning training.

Owner Nancy Harvey says, “Small class size, targeted instruction, and meeting student needs makes a measurable difference,” and she is “pleased, but not surprised” by the results. “Our teachers are Wilson Reading or Orton-Gillingham trained, and our math teachers receive dyscalculia training from EduCalc Learning. While our students have challenges, Harvey Academy helps them overcome any barriers to learning they face.”

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