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Teachers, use this worksheet to reflect on your students' dyscalculia-related problem areas. Rank your student and add notes that help develop interventions and IEP goals.

Classroom support for dyscalculia include:

  • Objects to count with (K-2nd grade)

  • 1 to 100 chart (1st-5th grade)

  • Times Table List (3rd-5th grade)

  • Calculator (5th-Graduation)

  • Extended time (All grades)

Contact us to learn the reasons why and best ways to implement these accommodations.

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Dyscalculia is a Specific Learning Disorder that impacts math.

People with dyscalculia…

  • Have it for life.

  • Forget basic math facts.

  • Forget what they’ve learned.


Dyscalculia occurs in the parietal lobe, with visual-spatial and working memory issues.

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