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Our goal is to help you increase student success. Many students who struggle may simply need a new approach, and EduCalc shows you research-based, classroom-tested strategies to get students engaged while increasing retention and recall. 

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EduCalc is the official teacher trainer and dyscalculia coach for the Harvey Academy in Tequesta, Florida, and provides regular training for FDLRS Heartland in Florida. Coming soon: CEU's for training! Email us or subscribe for more information.


Concrete first: it's got to be hands-on. For these students, counting has to start with objects, not written numbers.

High functioning Autism

Deep breaths: when these students act out, it's a sign that their frustration level is at 11! Give them  time to relax between subjects and tasks.

Processing disorders

Slow your roll! Students with processing disorders need time to think-- literally. 


Dyslexia and dyscalculia are often identified together, even though they occur in different areas of the brain.  Support them by reading directions and repeating instructions. Less writing. Less text.