The Teacher's Dyscalculia Toolbox

The Teacher's Dyscalculia Toolbox

What is the Teacher's Dyscalculia Toolbox?

The Teacher's Dyscalculia Toolbox is a 9-month delivery of activities and materials proven to help struggling students. In your Toolbox, you will find innovative materials, games, and activities created to increase student performance. Monthly topics address time, money, place value, and numeracy, and boost math mastery for students with dyscalculia, low numeracy, or poor math foundations.

What is incluced in the Dyscalculia Toolbox?

The Teacher's Dyscalculia Toolbox consists of 9 boxes, delivered monthly, September through May. Throughout the year, new materials, games, and activities will engage your students and change their math experience.

What does each box addresses?

September: Times Tables. October: Clocks and Time. November: Place Value. December: Money. January: Fun Box! February: Numeracy Charts. March: Math Handbook. April: Number Lines. May: Card Games.

How do these items help?

Every part of the Teacher's Dyscalculia Toolbox came from a blend of scientific, peer-reviewed research and in the field practice with struggling students. The Toolkit gets to the heart of dyscalculia by building a bridge between deficiencies and strengths. Students improve quickly and learn methods to support their own learning for years to come!

What makes the Teacher's Dyscalculia Toolbox different?

What makes the Teacher's Dyscalculia Toolbox different from other manipulatives or math games? There are some great manipulatives and math games that help all students get better at math, but only the Teacher's Dyscalculia Toolbox takes a different approach. The activities and games in the Toolkit were created specifically for dyscalculia, going right to the issue of forgetting math information.

Can parents use the Teacher's Dyscalculia Toolbox?

Yes! The Teacher's Dyscalculia Toolbox is perfect for non-math people as well as math teachers and coaches. No matter how you feel about math, you can use the Teacher's Dyscalculia Toolbox to help your students (and you!) perform math with mastery.

What if I have more questions?

Your purchase includes year-long access to the online Teacher's Dyscalculia Toolbox portal. You can find videos, tips, ideas, and ask questions in our private online community.

How is the Teacher's Dyscalculia Toolbox different from other programs?

Dyscalculia causes people to lose the math information they've already learned. That's why the Teacher's Dyscalculia Toolbox doesn't waste time pushing memorization. Instead, we use support systems that let students practice research and confirmation. The first Toolbox includes support for basic facts; these tools help students answer questions while mastering concepts. They work the same way having the right pair of glasses helps a person see correctly so they can read, write, or perform their job.

Pricing and Packages:

Option 1: 9 payments of $20 each; Option 2: 1 payment of $150; Single Month: $25 each.

Does the Teacher's Dyscalculia Toolbox work with any struggling student?

Students with low numeracy, poor math foundations, and other barriers to math success will enjoy using the Toolbox systems. They will naturally stop using the systems as they increase mastery. Students with dyscalculia will keep using the tools, because Specific Learning Disorders don't go away.