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Book excerpt: Teaching Students with Dyscalculia

Writing is a labor of love. It has to be, because it takes a lot out of the author! Time, creativity, patience, impatience.... not to mention editing, cover art, layout, and sizing options..... then publication. Founder and author Honora Wall says she is "somewhere near the end" of her upcoming book, Teaching Students with Dyscalculia. "I am writing the conclusion now, then going back through to see where I can add more examples or explanations. I want teachers to find answers as well as understanding in this book."

Teaching Students with Dyscalculia is a book for pre-service and in-service teachers, tutors, and administrators. Not only does the book explain what dyscalculia is and how to recognize it in the classroom, the book also has clear instructional strategies and intervention and accommodation ideas for different grade levels. Each chapter includes a case study from Dr. Wall's work with students who have dyscalculia.

The book will be available for purchase through EduCalc Learning, Amazon, Barnes & Noble's online store, and other retailers. Dr. Wall hopes to have the final version ready to print by early 2023. "I would love to have the book out right now, but I also want to deliver helpful, accurate content," she says. "I believe this book will be a game changer for educators." Dr. Wall plans to use the book as a companion textbook to her course, Teaching Students with Dyscalculia, which qualifies for CEU's or graduate course credit for participants.

Read an excerpt from the book's introduction here.

Teaching Students with Dyscalculia Introduction
Download PDF • 120KB

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