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Dyscalculia Training
and Support for Home, School, and Life.


Dyscalculia impacts the way people learn, understand, and remember math. It is not a problem that needs to be fixed. It is a lifelong condition that needs to be supported (just like wearing glasses to correct vision!). People with dyscalculia can excel in math-- we've helped hundreds of students and adults do just that. We'd like to train you to do the same. Join us!


Books & Supplies

Looking for something less intense than a training course? Grab a book or get a Toolbox and change your teaching today.

Teaching Students with Dyscalculia


Enseñar a Estudiantes con Discalculia


Teacher's Dyscalculia Toolbox


Ah-Ha! Games for the Brain


Alignment Teaching Journal


My College Planner


The Story of Me Student Workbook



Online Math Classes

Whether it's at home or in school, people with dyscalculia can take a math class designed for their needs. We can brand a class for your school, too.

Just $299 for the full year! Includes instruction, assessments, and transcript.

5th Grade Math

Algebra 2

Financial Literacy

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