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EduCalc Learning has training, coaching, and materials to help teachers support students with dyscalculia.

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Who We Are

 Honora Wall has a passion for helping struggling students. She founded EduCalc Learning to empower teachers to help more students reach academic success. Our blend of research and student-tested strategies bridges the gap between dyscalculia and the classroom.


EduCalc Learning is the proven leader in dyscalculia training.

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Training courses and materials you can use in class today. Coaching all year long.


Advice, insight, IEP tips, and more for parents. We help adults with dyscalculia, too!


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7 Lessons | 9 x $20.00

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All About Dyscalculia

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Secondary Math Series: A 4-course set

Secondary Math Series: A 4 - course set $325.00