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The team at EduCalc Learning is passionate about sharing information on dyscalculia. We know that awareness is key to overcome the classroom obstacles students face. Here, we share some of the leading research available on dyscalculia:

What do leading researchers say about dyscalculia? 

What are the signs of dyscalculia

A brief lit review of dyscalculia.

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The Teacher's Dyscalculia Toolbox includes books, materials, and activities designed for students with dyscalculia. It's designed for teachers, interventionists, and parents of K-5th grade students. Click here!

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EduCalc Learning explains the how, why, and where of dyscalculia, anxiety disorders, and other barriers to student success.


We show teachers the best ways to teach this special population.


100% of teachers who completed our courses and surveys would recommend EduCalc Learning to a colleague!


Join them-- get your EduCalc Learning training today!

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